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5 Health Benefits of Social Interaction for Seniors

Here is why you should be socially active.

Our relationships with others are a huge aspect of our lives, and they have a great impact on our overall wellness. You may not know it, but your social life, or lack thereof, can positively and negatively affect factors of your mental, physical and emotional health. That is why it’s important for seniors to stay socially active and put an emphasis on their social wellness. Here are five major health benefits of social interaction:

  1. Reduces risk of depression and other mental health issues. Yes, one of the major health benefits of staying socially active is reducing your risk for various mental health issues. Risk of developing issues, like depression and Alzheimer’s, will not disappear, but by keeping your brain engaged you will reduce your risk of mental decline.
  2. Improves physical health. Also, by being socially active, you will not be secluded, and therefore you’ll have more of an opportunity to get out and interact with others. In fact, being socially active positively correlates to maintaining a higher level of physical wellness. When we are physically fit, benefits include a healthy blood pressure, reduced risk of developing some cardiovascular problems, as well as, arthritis, and your not to mention improving your balance, flexibility, and immune system.
  3. Increases life-expectancy. So, now we know social wellness can decrease the risk of developing certain mental health issues and can work to improve our physical health. From this, researchers from the Assisted Living Federation of America have found that seniors who were more active socially were more likely to live past the age of 90. Compared to their non-social counterparts, this is a life-expectancy increase of 5 years.
  4. Decreases the feeling of loneliness. Naturally, when you’re more socially active, and truly invested in authentic relationships, you’re going to be less lonely. Research has shown that socially isolated seniors are more likely to develop long-term illnesses such as depression arthritis, and high blood pressure.
  5. Creates a sense of belonging. As the sense of loneliness decreases, the sense of belonging increases. Especially if you are new to your retirement community, this sense of belonging can be so pivotal to adjusting to your new surroundings. This is why it’s important to create a support system and stay socially active.

Social Activities for Seniors: How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes as we get older it seems to get more difficult to form new relationships. In cases like this, social activities for seniors can be a great way to make new friends. If you live in an independent living community like Crestwood Manor,  your social activities coordinator can provide a calendar of daily enriching activities. Then pick out a couple events that you would like to go to, or attend a fitness class, and trying talking to others.

Enjoy Your Future to the Fullest

At Crestwood Manor, we believe that your overall health and wellness, including social health is important. In fact, our community prioritizes your health by hosting daily fitness classes from our award-winning LivWell program, offering a calendar of daily enriching activities, and by encouraging  our residents to go off campus and explore the surrounding community. A vibrant social lifestyle awaits you at Crestwood. To learn more about our continuing care retirement community, we invite you to contact us for more information and to come take a tour in Whiting, New Jersey.

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