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Why Single Seniors Flourish in Retirement Communities

A group of seniors take a photo during dinner

Single and over 65? You’ve got plenty of company. The U.S. Census Bureau has documented that there are more than 20 million unmarried U.S. residents who are 65 or older. Whether you’re a solo senior by choice or circumstance, being a senior single can feel both freeing and challenging at the same time.

Being alone and lonely are two different things. Seniors who retire alone without a spouse or children must pay special attention to not fall  into a life of isolation, which has been proven to have a negative effect on emotional, mental, and physical health. 

In these situations, close friends can become an equally tight “created family,” offering support at every level. One of the best ways to gain a wonderful new circle of friends (and have a great place to invite your close friends from way back) is by moving to an independent senior living community.

Also available in a retirement community like Crestwood Manor? A chance to rightsize your life in an affordable, well-appointed, one-bedroom independent living apartment with stable costs and plenty of amenities. As a single, you have better things to do with your days and evenings than worry about housework, mowing, and home repairs!

Take a look at three common challenges of being a senior single and how living in a retirement community can solve them.


Three Common Senior Single Challenges

Needing a Support Network – A solid circle of friends is especially important when you’re a single senior, not only for movie and dinner dates, but also for your emotional and even physical health. Having people around you to count on if you’re ill or in a tough emotional situation is essential to your well-being.

Lack of Social Life – Solitude and alone time are great, but people need human connection and contact to maintain their emotional and mental health. A physician from the Mayo Clinic noted that regular socialization for seniors staves off feelings of loneliness and depression; it also helps sharpen memory and cognitive skills, and results in a sense of happiness and well-being.

Worries About Finances – A study by Northwestern Mutual found that 45% of single men and 50% of single women say they feel either a moderate or a lot of anxiety about their personal financial security. Growing older also means the potential for needing more medical care, and senior singles often have extra stress over being able to pay for it.


How Living in a Retirement Community Can Help

Strong Support Network Building relationships and a network of people you can count on is so much easier when you can connect with loads of friendly people just outside your door. Plus, with the variety of affordable apartment floor plans to choose from, you can rightsize to the carefree lifestyle you want.

Built-In Social Life Independent senior living communities provide a built-in network of like-minded people, along with increased opportunities for social interaction, friendships, dating, and fun. In a retirement community like Crestwood Manor, you can choose from a full slate of community activities, classes, and events, or hop the free shuttle to explore the city and more.

Guaranteed Lifetime of Care at Stable Costs When you live in a LifePlan community you gain the peace of mind knowing that your health needs, if they change, can be managed within your community at stable monthly costs. That’s because these communities offera full complement of care and living options to meet whatever daily assistance you might need.  


Crestwood Manor: A Lifestyle with All the Advantages

From bright, welcoming, one-bedroom independent living apartments to a community outside your door that offers a vibrant, maintenance-free lifestyle, Crestwood Manor really does check all the boxes for senior singles. Explore our floor plans and then contact us to learn more. We look forward to meeting you!

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