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Living the Social Life: Five Ways for Seniors to Thrive Mentally and Physically at a CCRC

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Human beings crave connections. Just like the need for food and water, the need to connect is fundamental, with studies showing social relationships are the catalyst for overall positive mental and physical health.

This couldn’t be more true for those in their retirement years. In fact, a Scientific American study shows that those with strong social ties, along with a healthy lifestyle, boost their life longevity by 50 percent.

Howard and Jean Bartelt are living proof of the power of social connections a senior living community can provide. “There’s a great atmosphere here,” shared the Bartelts, who now call Crestwood Manor in Whiting, New Jersey home. “We have good relationships with our gang—we walk together, we eat together. It’s wonderful!”

Top Five Ways to Connect and Thrive

To make the most of your retirement years in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) like Crestwood Manor, here are five ideas to reap the benefits making personal connections offers.

1. Have More Fun with Your Hobby
At a CCRC, you won’t have to worry about home maintenance or snow shoveling, giving you more time to dive into your favorite hobbies or perhaps explore new ones.

Whether it’s a desire to pick up the paintbrush, finish a long-forgotten quilt or keep your woodworking skills fresh, it’s always more fun and rewarding when enjoying it with others. By finding a senior living community that fulfills your creative side while learning alongside new friends, you can enrich your life beyond your expectations.

2. Get Active!
You’ve heard it your whole life, but it’s even more important as you age: exercise does a body good. Not only does it manage the usual suspects—inflammation, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels—exercise also makes us happier and more confident. And when you exercise with others, it not only becomes a necessary routine, but also a much-anticipated ritual.

Our holistic senior wellness program, LivWell, addresses the needs and personal goals of each resident to create a customized activity program that promotes fun and fitness with friends. Whether it’s joining in a water aerobics class in our heated, indoor swimming pool, walking a 5K or learning some new dance steps for your granddaughter’s wedding, we can customize a LivWell program for that!

According the Bartelts, a community like Crestwood Manor encourages residents to enjoy an active lifestyle. “We know it’s good to get out there and exercise, and we use the gym regularly and enjoy the swimming pool.”

3. Hit the Road…Together
Who doesn’t love a road trip? For Crestwood Manor residents, new experiences abound. Whether through the transportation we offer to close-by venues including museums and local attractions, or venturing out on your own to destinations like Atlantic City and Long Beach Island, it’s easy to find a reason to take a road trip throughout southern New Jersey.

4. Learn a New Pastime
You’ve always been intrigued by your buddy’s golf outings, and now you have time to find out why a sunny day on the course is one of America’s favorite pastimes.

For our residents, there’s no shortage of golf courses nearby. In fact, it’s natural to grab a group to start a tradition of outings for years to come.

5. Toast Your New Life!
Conversations with good friends are often best enjoyed over a favorite cocktail. Celebrating life with unique twists on the happy hour is something Crestwood Manor offers throughout each month’s activities, with music and fun elevating the gatherings. For those looking for some adventure, a trip to the area’s local wineries is the perfect way to relax, sip and toast the day.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the social connection benefits Crestwood Manor offers for seniors. For more information, contact us today.

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