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Give Your Children the Gift of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

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It’s common for our adult children to assume the role of primary caregivers in our later retirement years. However, our kids aren’t always able to care for us as much as they’d like. After all, they have their own lives and responsibilities to tend to. Or, perhaps they live in the next state over and it’s impractical for them to travel back and forth.

Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) offer a chance for older adults to live independently longer because they can adapt to our unique healthcare needs as we grow older. That’s why deciding to move to a CCRC could be one of the best decisions to make, not only for yourself – but for your family.

3 Ways CCRC Living Impacts Your Family

1. Financial Security
American citizens today are living longer than they ever have before. While that’s great news, it’s not without its drawbacks. The longer we live, for example, the more healthcare needs we may develop. It’s all part of the rising cost of aging and it’s driving many people to consider moving to a CCRC. With a CCRC Lifecare contract option, you can lock-in the promise of lifelong care at a more predictable cost.

Lifecare offers the care you need for as long as necessary – all at rates similar to what you might pay in an independent living community. For your family, that means they can rest easy knowing you’ll get the high-quality care you need without worrying about how to cover the cost.

2. Easy Living Arrangements

It used to be common place for the members of your family to live in close proximity to each other – often growing up and growing old together. Today though? Our kids are just as likely to go off to college and relocate to a different city or state in search of work or a location that better suites their lifestyle needs. This is where CCRCs can fill an important gap. They offer maintenance-free living and built-in social calendars for adults 62 years old and better, so you can continue to enjoy all life has to offer.

In fact, plenty of older adults are now deciding to move to CCRCs located near their kids to make visiting and spending time together more convenient. When it comes to spending quality time with your family, research shows that maintaining relationships as we age has many health benefits including a stronger immune system, a decrease in mental health issues, and a longer life expectancy. Choosing to live in a CCRC is a great option that can help you stay close to your family and even build brand new friendships with fellow community members.

3. Peace of Mind

No parent wants to burden their children with their future care needs. Choosing a CCRC means offering peace of mind to your kids that they won’t need to worry about making long-term care decisions on your behalf. A CCRC also means a 100% maintenance-free lifestyle, which means loved ones can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your daily living needs are already accounted for.

But, if you think that means you’ll be spending all your time loafing around on the couch, think again! Even though household tasks won’t be filling your time anymore, the active lifestyle options at CCRCs encourage social engagement and healthy living, improving quality of life and contributing to longer, more fulfilling lives. Use your spare time to shave a few strokes of your short-game, explore a new hobby or simply take in the beautiful scenery with your friends. What happens if your care needs change? At a CCRC, you’ve got a plan in place should you need additional assistance or care.

Crestwood Manor Ensures Your Family’s Peace of Mind

For peace of mind for the future – both for you and your family – Crestwood Manor is a great choice. A location that truly has it all, our continuing care retirement community provides the vibrant lifestyle you seek, with a variety of comfortable living options. Even if your family isn’t near, they’ll hear in the sound of your voice that you’ve made the right choice for you – and them.

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