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Retire Your Way

As you are discovering, there are more senior living options today than ever before. Use our guide to help understand how they differ and which option is best.
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The Benefits of Choosing Springpoint

Explore the many benefits of choosing Springpoint for your retirement years.
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10 Benefits of Senior Living at Springpoint

Discover why making the move to a senior living community is the best decision in your retirement years.
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7 Dimensions of Wellness in Retirement

Discover 7 dimensions of wellness and learn more about LivWell, Springpoint’s holistic wellness program.
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Make the Most Out of Your Senior Housing Visit: Tips for Touring from Springpoint

The decision to move to a Life Plan Community is exciting.
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Choosing the Right Floor Plan at Springpoint

Your home is a reflection of who you are. Our guide helps ease your choice of the best floor plan that suits your needs.
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Protect Your Financial Future: Financing Your Retirement at Springpoint

Perhaps the first question that comes to mind when considering the move to a senior living community: Can I afford this? Our guide helps ease you into your journey to an all-inclusive lifestyle.
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Downsizing Guide for Seniors

Making the decision to move isn’t easy, nor is all the work that goes into it, but you’re not alone. Our guide helps ease you to what stays, what goes, and how to do it.
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Living Your Best Life: The Springpoint Guide to Choosing a CCRC

Not sure how to choose a Life Plan Community? Our guide helps ease you into your journey to this engaging, vibrant lifestyle.
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Senior Living Myths & Truths

When it comes to your dream retirement lifestyle, senior living can be a key part of living your best life. Explore these debunked common senior living myths.
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What’s Your Retirement Housing Strategy?

It’s an important part of retirement planning, but many people don’t give much thought to their options or how their choices may affect their quality of life as they age. This guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and context that can help you challenge your assumptions and find the right option for your road ahead.
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More information is always available from
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