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Why Choose Crestwood Manor for Independent Living?

A group of friends gathers around a piano with drinks in hand.

The short answer to that question is that independent living at Crestwood Manor offers more. More opportunities to socialize with friends. More ways to improve your strength and fitness. More dining opportunities just a short stroll away. Crestwood Manor is one of Springpoint’s eight life plan communities. What does this mean? It means that you can enter Crestwood Manor through independent living, and if your needs change over time, you can ensure you will be supported with the right care. A life plan community eliminates the worry of what’s next and allows you to plan for the future. And, most importantly, provides you with peace of mind.


The only thing there’s less of? Cleaning, cooking, driving, and relying on other people.

Of course, if you want to cook a Sunday dinner from scratch you certainly can. That’s the beauty of Independent living at Crestwood Manor. You’ll have the resources to live the way you want to.

The best way to experience Crestwood Manor is to see it for yourself — and that can easily be arranged by scheduling a visit.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at exactly why independent living at Crestwood Manor is such a good fit for older adults seeking to actively enjoy life.

Making a Home

First, clear your mind of any preconceived notions of what you think independent living looks like.

Now, imagine a spacious two-bedroom apartment with two full bathrooms, two balconies, a full kitchen, a large living/dining room, washer and dryer, and four roomy closets. (There are certainly smaller options, as well, if you don’t want or need that much space.) At Crestwood Manor, you can create a home that suits your personal style, whether that’s modern, traditional, contemporary, or traditional. With many options, here are a few examples of personalized touches one can look forward to: herringbone accent tiles, quartz countertops, Shaker-style cabinetry, ceramic stone flooring, listello glass, and more.

All About the Dining

Part of living the good life, at least for most of us, is eating good food.

To some people, that means fresh and healthy options. To others, it means having the option to dine quickly and casually or to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends. Many look forward to a scrumptious Sunday brunch — complete with omelet station, freshly made waffles, treats and hors d’oeuvres. While others seek meals that are vegetarian, low sodium, or low sugar.

Crestwood Manor offers all of the above — and then some.

In our main dining room, you’ll find a wide variety of choices prepared by our skilled culinary team. Our bistro, meanwhile, offers light and nutritious snacks all day long.

Campus Amenities

At Crestwood Manor, it’s what lies just beyond your doorstep that can turn an ordinary afternoon into an adventure. The list of possibilities includes:

  • Fully Equipped Fitness Center: Whether you want to take an instructor-led class or do your own thing on equipment, you’ll find it here. Our LivWell program helps you set — and reach — goals tailored to you. The heated indoor pool offers a low-impact way to keep moving and stay strong, while pickleball matches mix in a bit of competition.
  • Library: Flooded with natural light, this is the place to go for new releases, old classics, and a wide selection of magazines and newspapers.
  • Art Center: Classes are offered both by guest instructors and residents. There’s also plenty of room to create on your own.
  • Computer Lab: Printers and tech support ensure you’re never out of ink or unable to do a necessary update, taking the frustration out of the always-changing world of technology.
  • Woodworking Shop: Use the drills, table saws, and selection of handheld carpentry tools to complete a project or learn new skills.
  • Quilting Center: Sewing machines, large work surfaces, a collection of arts-and-craft books, and comfortable seating allows you to stitch while socializing and sharing tips.
  • Health and Wellness Clinic: Our team of onsite medical professionals takes care of everything from routine appointments to annual flu shots, supplemented by services offered by visiting specialists.
  • Gift and Convenience Shop: Whether you ran out of toothpaste or need a greeting card, this space is stocked with last-minute essentials, snacks, gifts, and specialty items.
  • Outdoor Options: Walking paths, a bocce court, a gazebo, and plenty of chairs, tables, and benches make it easy to enjoy a sunny day.

Making Life Interesting

Dining, working out, and taking advantage of Crestwood Manor’s amenities provide the framework for daily life. But variety is, as they say, the spice of life.

A quick look at the Crestwood Manor’s activities calendar shows at least a half dozen options every day, including a farmer’s market, card games, movie nights, book clubs, cornhole, Bible studies, and more.

And when you’re located in Whiting, New Jersey, it’s just a short trip to places like Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore, as well as local wineries and other attractions.

Independent Living in Whiting

Located in the heart of Ocean County, Crestwood Manor lets you get more out of life while living in the moment. A huge part of that comes from the confidence of knowing that, should you ever need it, a full spectrum of care is available. Contact us today with any questions you might have or, even better, come see for yourself.

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