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What is the Difference Between CCRC and a Nursing Home?

Group of seniors taking a walk around their continuing care retirement community.

What do you think of when you consider senior living? While some people may envision a hospital-like environment, this couldn’t be further from some senior living options available to you, like continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).

What you may consider when you think of a “nursing home” provides services centered around the healthcare needs of older adults. Staff at nursing home communities are focused on the medical care in a comfortable setting and sometimes offers activities to residents.

While nursing homes certainly do a wonderful job of caring for seniors who are in need of medical care, there is sometimes a misconception between these services and other kinds of senior living.

CCRCs are senior living communities that go above and beyond providing medical care and offer so much more than what that typical “nursing home” may look like. A CCRC is a retirement community option that perfectly combines an independent lifestyle, hospitality and access to all levels of healthcare all in one convenient location.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities Offer All You Could Need in Your Retirement Years

Today’s CCRCs have something for every resident – a wide array of life-enriching amenities and services designed to help residents thrive, along with knowledge of the fact that any health needs will be met. You’ll find everything you need for an active, purposeful lifestyle.

Residents at Crestwood Manor have their pick of floor plan options, all of them spacious and up to date. Outside of their own living area, a variety of services and amenities are available just a few steps out the door. Delicious dining, a state-of-the-art fitness center with an indoor, heated pool and daily activities and outings are just a few of the options they have to choose from to fill their days. Plus, even if you’re choosing independent living now, a full continuum of care means healthcare options are available to you should you need them in a familiar and comfortable place.

Choosing a CCRC means more time, more freedom and more opportunities.

A Vibrant Retirement Lifestyle is Available at Crestwood Manor

The residents at Crestwood Manor are thankful to have found a community in their retirement years that offers all the services they need alongside the comforts of home. Residents Howard and Jean Bartlet share, “There’s a great atmosphere here and we have a beautiful apartment. We know it’s good to get out there and exercise, and we use the gym regularly and enjoy swimming in the pool. I am a retired banker and believe that people should educate themselves about their retirement living options before there’s a problem and look to move to a place like Crestwood earlier so they can enjoy all the amenities and friendships. We have good relationships with our gang—we talk together, we eat together, it’s wonderful.”

Want to learn more about what your life could look like as a resident of our community? Contact our team today to learn more. Or, schedule your personal tour, either at the community or with an easy-to-use virtual appointment.

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