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The Role of Nutrition in Senior Living Communities

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Ensuring you get the proper nutrition in your senior living community is so important. Most of the vitamins and minerals that flow through your body come through the food you eat. If you are 55 or better, you require fewer calories, but your need for essential nutrients is equal to, or maybe even greater than, those of younger adults. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, this is due to changes in metabolism, the need to sustain bone and muscle mass, as well as to keep your body nourished as you take medicines to treat health conditions.

Paying attention to what you eat is important to sustaining your body’s vital functions. Some of the things you want to keep an eye on are:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight that’s right for your age and height
  • Preserving bone density, which powers up your joints
  • Eating and burning enough calories to get you through the day
  • Minimizing intake of some foods to treat certain health conditions

Getting the right nutrition boosts your immunity, helps maintain a healthy weight, supports muscles and bones, and lowers risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. As a result, proper nutrition can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Special Considerations for Senior Living Communities

Good nutrition is a main priority for seniors. That’s because appetite and eating habits shift over time, and this is due to several reasons. Among them include:

  • Less desire to eat. It is possible that you have experienced changes in appetite and may not feel as hungry as you have before. That’s because of the change in how you use and consume energy. While this may prevent overeating, not getting the proper nutrition may lead to other conditions.
  • Modified diets. Certain health conditions may require changes in your diet in order to ensure you are in your best health. Some types of modified diets include foods that are low in sodium, sugar, or gluten in order for you to be in your best shape.

Fortunately, getting the best nutrition is attainable in senior living communities. In-house culinary professionals understand what and how to cook, avoid potentially risky ingredients, and create well-balanced meals that are not only delicious but also nourishing. Dining experiences are also highly regarded as a moment for social engagement, as well as personal enjoyment. It is important that the ambiance inspires you to eat healthily and consistently so you can always relish your food with joy.

What Your Senior Living Community Can Do for You

If you require a special diet, you can also consult the nutritionists in your community and make special requests. Clear communication with your doctor and your culinary team can help them create a unique meal program that’s just right for you.

One prevailing concern is serving allergy-friendly meals. If you have reactions to certain types of food, alerting your culinary team early on will help avoid future risks.

Around 29% of senior Americans have diabetes. A sugar-controlled, variety-rich meal plan can help you meet your required nutritional needs while enjoying a diverse, satisfying meal. Exploring a wide selection of food helps you open your mind to newer options and encourages you to make healthier choices.

How Crestwood Prioritizes Nutrition

With a thriving community of independent seniors, how can an independent living community provide focused, healthy nutrition for each resident? Here at Crestwood Manor, your dining pleasure is our priority. Not only do we have our own culinary team, but we also look after each resident’s dietary needs to ensure that all boxes are ticked.

Whether you require vegetarian meals or low-sodium dinners, Crestwood Manor has you covered. Our goal is to accommodate all of your dietary needs with fresh ingredients, a variety of choices, and allergy-safe menus. Some of the modified diets we can offer are:

  • Low sugar diet, wherein we offer a diverse, low-sugar meal plan that lets you enjoy each meal while ensuring your required nutrition needs are covered.
  • Low sodium diet, in which we deliver delicious meals with less to no salt, as a response to certain conditions in the organ.
  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly diets, which positively decrease cholesterol levels and reduce risks of certain heart conditions.

In addition to these, our culinary team is ready to listen to your requests, so we can serve your desired meals that come with nostalgic tastes and proper nourishment for your body.

Eating Is an Experience at Crestwood Manor

Taste and nutrition are the two pillars of our every meal, and we bring them to life with meticulously-prepared food to suit every palate and mood. Our variety of dining options allows you to enjoy delicious, nutritious food in ways most comfortable to you.

Our main dining room is the very heart of the eating experience at Crestwood Manor. Here, the skilled chefs man the helm, ensuring each plate is masterfully fortified with the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, as well as flavors to satisfy your taste.

For casual experiences, our bistro offers plenty of nutritious light snacks to keep you energized throughout the day.

On weekends, have a seat at the table for our Sunday Brunch, featuring the fan-favorite waffles and omelets, plus extra treats and hors d’oeuvres to satisfy any food cravings.

Find a Place at Our Table

Crestwood Manor cares about delicious, healthy nutrition. Here, dining is an enjoyable experience in our full-service dining room, with private dining options, gourmet meals, and daily menu changes. Our award-winning, holistic approach supports your goal of living your best. Talk to us to schedule a tour of our caring community to

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