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Stress Management for Older Adults

A happy senior woman relaxing on the couch, free from stress.

Stress is nothing new for any of us — we’ve all felt it throughout our lives. But if we don’t address it, long-term stress can become overwhelming and affect our minds and bodies negatively. To prevent it from building up, it’s important to immerse ourselves in relaxing activities regularly. To learn about stress relief tips and how Crestwood Manor amenities contribute to a relaxing lifestyle, keep reading.

Stress Relief Tips for a Calm Life

We can’t prevent stress from occurring in our lives, but we can do things to help relieve it. Below are a few ways to do that.

  • Take time to meditate. Stress can cause our mind to feel jumbled and out of control. Through meditation, you can calm thoughts and feel that sense of balance. And meditating doesn’t have to mean sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, listening to flute music. You can meditate anytime, anywhere by trying to clear your mind and breathe deeply.
  • Brew a cup of decaffeinated tea. Teas like chamomile have been used for years as a natural sleep remedy, but you can also drink them during the day for a calming effect. A cup of your favorite hot herbal tea can help you rest thanks to the amino acid L-theanine.
  • Participate in exercise. Just about any form of physical activity can act as a stress reliever. Exercise increases the endorphins in your body, which creates a feel-good response. Refocusing your mind on your movements also creates a state of meditation which helps to clear your thoughts.

Experience the Best Stress Relief at Crestwood Manor

At Crestwood Manor, we believe that your mental health is an important part of your overall health. That’s why we offer a variety of amenities for residents that can meet individual requirements to destress.

  • Spend time in our fitness center. Whether you want to spend time walking on the treadmill or completing some circuit training, our fitness center is a great place to increase your endorphins.
  • Release your creative side in the art studio. Calm your mind with every stroke of the paintbrush. Release your stress as you put pencil to sketchpad. Whatever your artistic preference, experiencing time in our art studio creating something new allows you to get in touch with your feelings and take control of your stress.
  • Have some quiet time with a book from the library. When you sit down with that calming cup of tea, grab a book from the Crestwood Manor library and let your mind wander. Let your mind drift with fictional tales or get inside the mind of someone else with a biography.
  • Take a relaxing dip in the pool. The indoor, heated swimming pool on our campus provides both an option to release endorphins with a water aerobics class as well as an opportunity to calm down with some slow laps.
  • Practice your woodworking skills. Working with your hands is another great way to relieve built-up stress. Our fully equipped woodworking shop has everything you need for a relaxing new project.

Talk to our team today to learn about all the relaxing activities you can experience at Crestwood Manor.

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