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Why Seniors Choose Small-Town Life for Retirement

A group of seniors walking down a white brick sidewalk

The lure of small-town charm is strong, and more and more seniors are choosing the quiet, yet  active lifestyle available in today’s growing number of small-town retirement communities. Among the small towns gaining in popularity for senior living is Whiting, New Jersey, home to Crestwood Manor. Here’s one clear sign of just how popular small-town retirement has become in Whiting: In 2020, the median age of residents was 68.

So what is it about small-town life that people from larger cities find so appealing? Some of the reasons are what you might imagine. Small-town charm equals a quieter atmosphere with a laid-back pace. Small towns also tend to have a lower cost of living, and a lower crime rate. Those are all advantages in Whiting, New Jersey, as well. But there are so many more reasons to think of it as one of the best places to retire.


8 Great Reasons to Retire in Whiting, NJ

It always helps to have a list of advantages and benefits when you’re contemplating moving to a new place. We’ve pulled together some of the most important ones for you here:


  • It’s close to the ocean – Whiting is inviting because of its proximity to water and natural surroundings. The town is just 20 miles from Point Pleasant Beach, a crystal-clean expansive beach with a family-friendly boardwalk. 

  • It’s a picturesque town – Whiting is situated in the Pine Barrens, the largest remaining example of the Atlantic coastal pine barrens ecosystem. It’s also just west of the quaint seaside town of Tom’s River, one of the most well-known New Jersey towns thanks to appearances in the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire,” and the reality show “Jersey Shore.”  It’s remarkable that a place this breathtaking and natural can be just 2 hours from New York City!
  • The wonderful reviews from retirees – Comments from paint a lovely picture of Whiting as an ideal small-town retirement community. One resident describes it as having a “beautiful country-like atmosphere, no big buildings so you can see the sky, lots of trees and greenery, great for nature lovers.” Another describes Whiting as “lots of parks and pretty lakes, still affordable, friendly people … and you’re only about 20 minutes from the beach.”


  • The excellent proximity to transportation – Whiting is still very much connected to desirable conveniences. You’re just a 45-minute drive from Philadelphia and its great restaurants and cultural offerings. You can fly out of the regional airport in Trenton (38 miles away) or catch an international flight from the Atlantic City airport, only 45 miles from town.
  • The easy access to medical care –  Seniors often place easy access to good and reliable medical care high on their relocation wish list, and Whiting doesn’t disappoint. The town itself, as well as surrounding areas, offer several choices of quality medical facilities.
  • Conveniences you count on –  Moving to a small town used to mean giving up decent internet connections and speeds, but that’s no longer the case in most smaller locales. And with the growth of online delivery availability from Amazon and other retailers, you can order just about anything from anywhere and have it on your doorstep in a couple of days. “Smallness” is also an advantage when it comes to running errands. The grocery, tailor, salon and post office are closer together, so you’re not running all over town to do your errands.
  • No shortage of fun things to do – There’s always something fun to do here, from sampling the local cuisine to letting loose with the grandkids. Manchester County and Whiting have some wonderful one-off eateries, including Tom’s River Brewing, Sandy’s Cozy Corner, and Italy’s Best. There are also many attractions that visiting grandkids will enjoy, such as the Asbury Park Boardwalk; Popcorn Park animal sanctuary; Insectropolis, a bug-themed museum; and Emery Farm , where families can enjoy hayrides, u-pick experiences and more.
  • Easy on your taxes – The state of New Jersey is also appealing to retirees’ wallets. Social security income isn’t  taxed here, and military pensions are income tax-exempt.


Why Crestwood Manor Should Be Your New Residence in Whiting

If you’ve fallen for Whiting, you’re going to love the fact that one of the best small-town retirement communities is located right here in town. Crestwood Manor echoes the easy, laid-back lifestyle of the town, but also offers the features and amenities and activities that satisfy residents’ desire to stay active and energized. 

From swimming to fitness to taking your dog for walks in the many nearby parks (yes, we’re a pet-friendly senior living community),  at Crestwood Manor, you’ll find everything you need and want to create your best retirement life. 

And because we’re a Life Plan Community, you can rest assured knowing that your health care and any additional living options you may need as you age will all be managed right here. You’ll never have to move again to receive the care  you need.


Discover the Wonderful Lifestyle Waiting for You at Crestwood Manor

There’s a great life waiting for you in our community, packed with all the amenities, conveniences and top-notch healthcare you want just outside your door. Browse around our website to see our independent living residences and other great features. Then let us show you around! We look forward to meeting you soon.


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