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Living in the Digital Age: Seniors and Technology

A senior couple using technology to video chat with their family.

Thanks to technology advancements, seniors are more digitally connected than ever before. Four out of ten older adults own a smartphone and more than two-thirds spend time on the internet. This connection to our digital surroundings stems from all the benefits we receive. We can enjoy social connections, access to transportation and more. Below are just a few of the benefits of technology for seniors today.

5 Benefits of Technology for Seniors

  1. Social connection. Thanks to all the advancements in technology, staying connected to our friends and family is easier than ever. We can use video chats, phone calls, texting and social media to communicate with our loved ones who may be unable to visit often. It doesn’t replace in-person interactions, but it can help ease the feelings of isolation.
  2. Mental stimulation. Did you know that technology can help you maintain a healthy brain? Rather than just scrolling through social media or watching mindless television, you can use your devices to download logic puzzle apps and mind games to improve mental stimulation. You also have the vastness of the internet at your fingertips, so you can quickly look up any information you want on a search engine. Just keep in mind that both reliable and unreliable sources exist on the internet, so not everything is worthy of your time or belief.
  3. Fitness opportunities. Along with being able to look up all the information you could want, the internet provides a vast library of fitness tips and exercise opportunities. YouTube and other video hosting platforms offer an endless database of work out videos, while gaming systems such as the Nintendo Wii can get you up and moving while still being entertained.
  4. Easy access to healthcare and medical information. Because of the advancements in technology, many healthcare providers are now offering access to your medical records through online portals or apps. Now you can quickly look up your past records, track your appointments and even message your doctor with questions or concerns. This quick access to your medical information can be extremely beneficial, so be sure to ask your medical provider what services they offer.
  5. More safety. While we hope that safety is never a future concern, having options available can bring peace of mind. Personal monitoring and security devices can track important metrics for you. And though we hope a threat to your safety is never the case, having a cellphone nearby can help you call for assistance quickly, should the need ever arise.

Learn How Crestwood Manor Leverages Technology for the Benefit of Residents

At Crestwood Manor, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a fulfilling, engaging life, no matter their age. One way we do that in our vibrant community is through the use of technology. Our resident engagement platform, Touchtown, allows each member of the community to stay connected with everything happening around them, from daily weather reports to the activity calendar for the day. They can access the Touchtown portal through televisions in each apartment, an app on their mobile device or even through an Alexa speech-activation device. By expanding our communication through this use of technology, we’ve found that resident engagement continues to increase.

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