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Healthy, Delicious Dining is Always on Our Menu

Senior couple looking at dinner menu at a table.

What are you looking for in senior living? While some may say the living space or activities offered are at the top of the list, the dining experience offered by a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is by far one of the most anticipated features for those enjoying retirement, as reported by Senior Housing News.

At Crestwood Manor, we understand the desire for quality in both health and taste when it comes to eating. This is why you’ll always find a variety of dining options that are as delicious and visually appealing as they are nutritious. We believe you’ll find something to delight your palate in our community.

Where Healthy Eating for Older Adults Meets Taste, Quality

We want to ensure you have choices when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, so you’re able to enjoy delicious, nutritious food wherever is most comfortable for you.

Our dining options include the main dining room, where delectable meals are offered daily. The skilled chefs ensure each masterfully prepared dish is fortified with vitamins, nutrients and flavors to satisfy both your dietary requirements and discerning tastes.

In the mood for something a little more casual? Try our bistro. Open daily, our bistro offers a variety of nutritious options and light snacks to keep you energized and ready to go on your way.

Don’t forget about special events – our Sunday brunch, featuring fare such as waffles and omelets, is a resident favorite. Meanwhile, fun activities like a sundae social or happy hour feature treats and hors d’oeurves crafted for your enjoyment.

Those with dietary concerns, whether it be gluten-free, low-sodium or anything else, are able to pick and choose the selections they would like and make note of necessary modifications. The chefs make sure to know what the special orders are ahead of time, so we’re able to serve you properly with no interruptions in your dining experience.

Another perk – you’re free to enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. Residents are welcome to bring any beverage they like to our dining area and chat over dinner and drinks with friends.

When you dine at Crestwood Manor, it’s much more than simply eating – it’s enjoying an experience. Aside from the quality of the food, the atmosphere of mealtime in our community is one that promotes socialization and connecting with others.

Residents Howard and Jean Bartlet have found a close group of friends in the community and share, “We have good relationships with our gang—we talk together, we eat together, it’s wonderful.” Dining at Crestwood Manor is just one additional way we make sure the offerings in our community are unmatched.

Experience Exceptional Senior Living Dining at Crestwood Manor

Access to healthy, gourmet dining can be a key factor in choosing a CCRC. Come taste the food in our community for yourself – visit Crestwood Manor and stay for a delicious meal prepared for you by our dining team. We’d love to share a table with you and answer any other questions you may have about our community. Contact us today to schedule your tour.

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