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’Tis the Season of Giving

Senior man holding a heart in an image representing charity.

Now that the holidays are over, we find ourselves cheerful and ready to give back. Are we offering all that we’re able, whether it be through time or monetary donations?

At Crestwood Manor, our residents have a philanthropic nature. It is less often asked, “What do I need?” than, “What can I do for others?” Although the end of the year brings about a heightened sense of generosity, the atmosphere of giving is felt within the community year-round.

A Philanthropic Community Fueled by a Sense of Generosity

Perhaps the most common way within the community to share in the sense of generosity is through the Springpoint Foundation. The Springpoint Foundation lies within our parent company, Springpoint. The Foundation is fueled by the donations of all Springpoint residents and works to make life better for older adults.

The Springpoint Foundation makes a difference through a variety of services and programs. These services include the Resident Financial Assistance Program, Spiritual Care Program, Affordable Housing Support and Tomorrow’s Leaders Program. Charitable support of these programs comes through a variety of giving and sponsorship opportunities, special events and gift planning programs. Although these programs help in different ways, they all strive to create better lives for people within our communities.

Along with the opportunity to participate in the Foundation, there are plenty of onsite and offsite volunteer opportunities where residents enjoy the chance to offer their time. Whether it be donating time and talents playing your favorite instrument or sending a monthly contribution to your favorite charity, you’re able to find a way that works for you to give back.

Resident Karen Bokurt found the best way to give back was through her chair yoga sessions – she shares, “I am a certified chair yoga instructor and I’m pleased to have a core group of people attend my weekly chair yoga sessions, something I offer as a gift to the community.”

Residents at Crestwood Manor say they’re not only helping others with their sense of generosity – they’re helping themselves, too. Giving a part of ourselves to others encourages personal happiness and strengthens wellbeing. So, the next time you’re feeling down or desire a sense of purpose, you’re able to help yourself by helping others.

Discover the Best of Senior Living at Crestwood Manor

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