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Cheers to Your Best Years: Exploring Retirement Communities with a Social Spirit

CelebratFour seniors seated at a patio table enjoying food and winee Retirement The Way You Prefer

Retirement is the ultimate reason to celebrate. Beyond the serene landscapes and comfortable living offered at Crestwood Manor, our retirement community invites residents to indulge in all that this close-knit community has to offer.

Retirement is a time to savor every moment and create lasting connections. We offer a variety of social activities such as weekly happy hours, game nights, and so much more! To support different social lifestyles, residents have the choice to drink alcohol on our campus. Crestwood Manor is designed to offer endless opportunities for exploration, creativity, and building meaningful friendships. Beyond the convenience of maintenance-free living and access to top-quality health care services on site, we believe in enhancing the overall quality of life by providing an atmosphere where residents can gather, share stories, and raise a toast to the richness of their experiences.

Social Delights and Community Connections at Crestwood Manor

Why should you choose a retirement community that allows the consumption of spirits? Life is about balance, and Crestwood Manor allows you to balance your free time as you please. Whether you decide to spend your evening relaxing with a good book in our community library or having a nightcap with other residents, the choice is ultimately yours, and each day you have the freedom to choose. We believe that giving residents the freedom to enjoy a beverage if they would like allows for increased socialization, which is extremely beneficial in the aging process as it helps to improve cognitive function and even reduces stress.

Having the freedom to enjoy an alcoholic beverage is one of the many ways a resident is able to maintain their independence. The members of our community are adults, and are treated as such. From weekly happy hours to casino trips, corn hole, NFL Sundays, dance classes, pickleball, and much more, there’s always something happening to help boost your spirits.

Our senior living community in Whiting, NJ also offers a vast array of activities for residents to participate in that don’t involve alcohol. Our heated indoor pool and fitness center feature instructor-lead classes so you can get the most out of your workout. From art classes in our community art studio to woodworking projects in our well-equipped shop, there’s always an enriching amenity being offered for you to explore and enjoy. You may even learn something new! See below for more activities available for you to try as a Crestwood Manor resident:

    • Creative Pursuits: Explore your artistic side in our community art studio. Attend art classes or engage in art-inspired activities led by residents and guest instructors. It’s a colorful and inspiring setting where artists of all abilities are welcome.
    • Dining Experiences: Mealtimes at Crestwood Manor are more than just nourishment; they are social gatherings. Enjoy a tasty meal in our restaurant-style, fireplace-adorned dining room. The Bistro offers light lunches and casual fare, including a tasty brunch with an omelet station and freshly made waffles every Sunday.
    • Fitness and Wellness Programs: Our LivWell program focuses on whole-person wellness. Staying in the best shape of your life becomes enjoyable with a range of instructor-led classes and physical activities tailored to older adults. Access a fully equipped fitness center and an indoor heated pool for optimal wellness.
    • Community Library: Cozy up with a good read in our well-stocked community library. Whether you prefer fiction, biographies, classics, newspapers, or magazines, our library offers a wide variety to keep you engaged and connected to the world.
    • Health and Wellness Clinic: Stay proactive about your health with our onsite clinic. From routine check-ups to specialized services provided by visiting specialists, our clinic ensures comprehensive senior health services, including lab tests and disease prevention tips.
    • Gift and Convenience Shop: Conveniently located, our community store offers basics, last-minute items, and a friendly atmosphere. Volunteers are ready to assist, and the store stocks greeting cards, gifts, and specialty items for your convenience.
    • Heated Indoor Pool: Enjoy the soothing buoyancy of our indoor heated pool. Whether you prefer lap swimming or instructor-led aquatic fitness classes, staying active in the water has numerous benefits for seniors, including improved blood pressure and heart health.
    • Quilting Arts Center: Our Quilting Arts Center provides a spacious and well-appointed resource for those who love quilting and sewing. Socialize while working on projects, share crafting tips, and explore your creative side in this vibrant community space.
    • Woodworking Shop: Everything you need for woodworking is available in our well-equipped shop. Whether building something new, continuing a project, or picking up new skills, the brightly lit workspace and friendly hobbyists make it an ideal place to socialize.
    • Computer Lab: Stay connected to our up-to-date computer lab. Access computers, printers, and technical support to ensure you’re always in touch with friends and family.

Celebrate Life at Crestwood Manor

At Crestwood Manor, each day unfolds as a celebration of life, community, and connection. After exploring the social opportunities that await within our vibrant community, we invite you to consider making Crestwood Manor your home for the next chapter of your life. Our commitment to a dynamic lifestyle and the joy of socializing over shared experiences sets us apart as a destination for individuals seeking a retirement lifestyle filled with lively and dynamic friendships. Take a tour of Crestwood Manor, and let us show you how every day can be a cause for celebration. Cheers to a fulfilling and social retirement at Crestwood Manor!

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