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How to Organize Your Walk-In Closets

Brand new walk in closet

If you’re used to living in a home with plain old closets, the idea of having a walk-in closet with a storage system in place sounds like a dream. It’s definitely a big step up, but that doesn’t mean you want to just toss your stuff in there and be done with it. Now that you have a closet outfitted with convenient racks, rods, and shelves,  it’s your job to make the most of every inch of space and we’ve got the organization tips to help you do it!

Expert Tip: Before you begin, sketch out a placement plan on paper, and do a little online or in-store browsing to get organization ideas. You might want to brainstorm with a family member or friend for ideas. Also be sure to take measurements for depth, height, etc. This will be helpful for making mistake-proof purchases for items like bins, hanging shelves, etc.

Now check out 12 secrets to organizing your new walk-in closet like a pro:


  • Start with a purge The essential first step to moving into a new closet is to launch a purge of your wardrobe. Start by taking everything out of your current closet and spreading it all out so you can take a good look at what you own. Take a tip from the way they do it on TV put out three bins or boxes labeled: toss, donate, keep. Then go through everything. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s got to go. If it doesn’t fit, let someone else have it. Be tough. It will be worth it.
  • Reflect yourself Add a back-of-door full-length mirror and, if space allows, include a small tabletop or hanging mirror to make last-minute jewelry or tie adjustments It shouldn’t be a luxury to get a good look at yourself when you dress. Find a spot for a large and small mirror. You deserve it.

  • Have a seat A sturdy stool or smallish bench seat is a wonderful addition to your walk-in closet. It doesn’t take up much space, and you can always tuck it under hanging clothes if needed. Resist the urge to put on shoes and socks while standing. It’s just too easy to lose your balance!

  • Hangers matter Resolve to get rid of wire hangers and those plastic ones that come with your new clothes. You deserve to have quality, matching wood hangers, and so do your cherished clothes. You’ll appreciate the way everything looks when you open your closet door, and that makes it even more of a pleasure to pick out your wardrobe for the day or evening.

  • Create a clear advantage It’s tempting to keep shoes, hats, etc. in their original boxes, but using clear, matching storage bins is a great help when you’re searching for something. Plastic bins with lids hold up better over time and are infinitely more stackable.

  • Go high Save the highest shelves to store seasonal or rarely used clothes on highest shelves or tucked under hanging clothes. Consider buying rolling underbed storage for these items to save valuable closet space.
  • Divide and conquer Invest in inexpensive dividers for drawers that don’t include them, or DIY it. Old shoe boxes can be cut apart to compartmentalize your drawers for organizing socks, intimates, and more. Another expert tip: Roll T-shirts and pajamas within the dividers to maximize drawer space. 


  • Believe in baskets Got a naked shelf or two? Make them work harder by adding coordinated bins and/or baskets to store items like gloves, purses, and other accessories. Add a label on the front of each bin so you know what’s in there without pulling them down.

  • Get hooked Sturdy hooks are your best friends in a walk-in closet. Add them to any and all unused walls in there. If you’re not allowed to use screws, opt for removable hooks. They come in all sizes and shapes, and you can choose them by how much weight they can bear.

  • Coordination counts It’s a pleasure to open a walk-in closet where clothes are grouped by type and/or color. Think of how the retailers do it and how it makes shopping easier. The same goes for your closet.

  • Get on a roll If you typically keep a laundry basket or hamper in your closet, consider investing in one on wheels. It makes it a whole lot easier to haul things to your laundry room. Again, you deserve this luxury!

  • Maximize vertical storage There are all kinds of vertical storage options available these days. Some hang on the back of doors, while others hang directly on closet rods or off the wall. Look for racks to hang shoes, pants, and more.


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