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Why Location Matters When Choosing a Retirement Community

Why Location Matters When Choosing a Retirement Community

If you’re in (or close to) your retirement years, you’ve probably begun thinking about your living options. You could stay in your home, but many “in the know” seniors are discovering there are numerous advantages to moving to a senior living community.
Perhaps most important is ensuring you’ll always receive the care you require if your health needs ever change. When you choose a Life Plan Community like Crestwood Manor, that’s exactly what you can expect. But what other considerations should be on your list?
After excellent care, location is most important when choosing a senior living community. Of course, you want a comfortable, well-appointed apartment or villa. But it’s equally important to ensure the city or town you’ve selected meets all your needs and expectations for the best retirement life. So what’s meaningful to you? What’s your vision of a happy place?

4 Location Considerations When Choosing a Retirement Community.

  1. Proximity:
    • Is the community near pursuits you enjoy? You want to live in a retirement community like Crestwood Manor that has nearby attractions so you’ll be close to all kinds of fun things to see and do. Bottom line, a community out in the far suburbs may be serene, but it might not offer easy access to restaurants, shopping, or a night at the movies. Also, if you have a car, make sure there’s ample onsite, close-in parking for residents.
    • If you relocate to a senior living community out of town, are there options for entertaining family and friends who visit you? And hotels close by? You want to show your family a good time, especially the grandkids—so get a feel for what the location has available in terms of age-appropriate attractions and activities. Also confirm there are a few hotel options close to your community to make the visit especially welcoming.
  2. Convenience:
    • How close is the nearest doctor’s office, hospital and a veterinary clinic if you have a pet? It’s easy to be mesmerized by a retirement community’s serene, beautiful setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city—but be realistic. You don’t want to be traveling long distances for every doctor’s appointment or to get to the hospital in an emergency. If you have a pet, you’ll also want to be near a good vet clinic (and possibly an emergency vet clinic) when you need one.
    • How close is the retirement community to airports, public transit, and major highways? It’s no fun to have to drive two hours to reach the nearest airport or train station, or to discover Uber or taxi service isn’t available where you live. If getting out and about is important to you, look for a community like Crestwood Manor with accessibility to what you need.
  3. Comfort:
    • Is it important to have family close by? If you’re used to having family just a short drive from home or expect you’ll want this support system as you age, focus your retirement community search on familiar territory. If you’re ready to try a new town and spread your wings, take time to explain your reasons to your family and help them feel comfortable with your decision.
    • Is the community maintenance-free so you don’t have to deal with upkeep? You’ve paid your mowing and fix-it dues; it’s time to let someone else take care of it! At Crestwood Manor, you can leave the chores to us. As you search for retirement communities, be sure to ask if they’re maintenance-free.
  4. Affordability:
    • How tax-friendly is the state you’re considering (even if you’re planning to stay in the same area)? You might be surprised to learn some states are “friendlier” than others when it comes to taxing seniors, including New Jersey where Crestwood Manor is located. Thirteen states tax your Social Security income, and state tax laws also differ on taxing pensions and withdrawals from retirement accounts. Keep these factors in mind as you explore new places to retire.
    • Can you handle the cost of living? Travelers are often surprised to find that a gallon of gas doesn’t cost the same everywhere. Same with groceries, movies, dining, etc. It’s easy to go online to check the cost of living in any location you’re considering, so be sure to do that to help narrow your search.

    Crestwood Manor Could Be Just What You’re Looking For.

    If you’re looking for comfortable living made easy in a place with wonderful amenities, an ideal location, and a continuum of care that can meet your needs as you age, the Life Plan Community Crestwood Manor might just be the new home you’ve been searching for. We offer a relaxed, engaging lifestyle where you can be as active as you choose—plus, we’re just an hour’s drive from the ocean and exciting Atlantic City. We’d love to have you schedule a tour so we can show you why Crestwood Manor should be your new home. See you soon!

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