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Let Your Health Bloom: The Importance of Gardening for Seniors

Senior couple water their plants in containers.

As human beings, we have a deep connection to nature. It’s undeniable when we spend time outside, enjoying the sun and foliage. There’s also been studies to prove the direct connection between our happiness and our environment. Thankfully, there’s always a way to involve yourself in nature and soak up the good weather, whether you enjoy a jog in the park or a relaxing picnic.

Because we understand the connection to our natural surroundings, Crestwood Manor offers activities to get you out among the living things — like gardening. If you’ve never tried gardening before, it’s a fun, relaxing activity for everyone. Just tending to a few plants on your patio can have more health benefits than you think, including physical health, mental health and social benefits.

Gardening Exercise Benefits

Believe it or not, the act of gardening can have an impact on your physical health. Think about the twisting and turning, grabbing and pulling you do when you weed, water and move your plants. Gardening is a wonderful solution for those looking for an enjoyable, low impact workout daily, so you don’t overwhelm your joints.
Spending time tending to your garden outside also means taking advantage of the vitamin D the sun provides. Vitamin D is vital for your body, increasing calcium levels to boost your immune system and strengthen your bones. But don’t forget the sunscreen!

Social Benefits of Gardening

A sunny afternoon is the perfect excuse to get outside – and you don’t have to go alone. Invite a friend or neighbor for a walk on our trails. You can discuss and learn all about gardening tips like how to keep cilantro growing for longer or how to trim your plants for better growth. You can even invite them to help you tend your garden, gaining both a helping hand and socialization time.

Benefit of Gardening on Mental Health

The natural elements can have a soothing yet energizing effect on you, so spending time in your outdoor garden can be especially important for mental health. You can add to the beauty around you while relax and tend to the greenery. Learn patience while your plants grow and enjoy the feeling of pride as you see the life you’ve given to your garden.

Experience the Importance of Connecting to Nature at Crestwood Manor

At Crestwood Manor, we understand the need to connect to the nature around us. That’s why we concentrate on the LivWell philosophy – a holistic approach to wellbeing that focuses on the seven dimensions of wellness, including environmental wellness. Residents Howard and Jean Bartelt told us, “There’s a great atmosphere here and we have a beautiful apartment. We know it’s good to get out there and exercise, and we use the gym regularly and enjoy swimming in the pool.” If gardening is more your speed, we encourage our residents to start their own gardens.

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