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How to Downsize Your Home

Senior couple moving and holding new key.

How to Downsize Your Home: Our Tips for a Successful Move

Moving to a senior living community takes time, energy and plenty of planning. Although downsizing can seem overwhelming now, doing so can help declutter your life and empower you to make important decisions for your future. Resident Karen Bokert found that the move to Crestwood Manor wasn’t as difficult or chaotic as she thought it might be. She shared, “The move itself, with the help of Springpoint representatives, was wonderful.” This post explores just a few tips we at Crestwood have found to be helpful when downsizing your home.

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Downsizing Your Home

  1. Keep Only What is Most Important: When going through your belongings, keep asking yourself, “What is most important to me?” By asking this question, you’re able to narrow down your possessions to those that have the most meaning and remove clutter. Your new home will be filled with only your most beloved items.
  2. Create a Plan for Unwanted Items: While downsizing, there will be plenty of belongings that you’ll want to get rid of. Having a set plan on how to deal with these items removes worry and concern on what to do with all the extra “stuff.” Ask family members if there is anything they would like you to pass on to them, and call local charities to see what you can donate to an honorable cause.
  3. Organize Your Boxes: Perhaps one of the greatest tips when moving is to clearly label boxes. This way, when you are moving into your new residence, you’ll know exactly the contents of each box and what room it should go in. Those that are helping you move will know exactly where to unload, and you won’t need to sit and direct traffic all day. While organizing, be sure to also pack a box with necessities for your first night. This way, after a long day of hauling boxes and furniture, you’ll have everything you need to appreciate the initial night in your new home and save the unpacking for the next day.
  4. Enjoy the Process: Finding a new home and making it your own is an exciting opportunity. Yes, there will be frustrating moments. But with outside support from loved ones and experts at Crestwood Manor, the positives will shine through as you take one this new adventure.

Learn How Experts at Crestwood Manor Can Help You Downsize Your Home

Along with these tips, experts are available to help you at Crestwood Manor through our Move Ahead program. This program offers a variety of services to make your transition into the community as smooth as possible. From staging your home to packing your belongings and creating a floor plan for your new residence, we’re with you every step of the way. That’s just one way we’re committed to serving you and offering the services you want to live your best life. Contact us today to learn more and get started with a complimentary home visit.

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