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Keeping a Connection: Friendships in Retirement

A group of senior friends enjoy a game of golf.

A desire for connection is inherent to our nature as human beings. It’s a fundamental need, much like the need for food, water and shelter. Some studies even show that social relationships have a significant impact on our mental and physical health — with one specific study showing that, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, strong social connections increase longevity by 50 percent.

Crestwood Manor residents Frank and Millie Rieder are just one example of how social interaction can impact seniors. “We’re enriched with friends from here and friends from our church who’ve joined us. We’re very content here!” And if you speak to other residents on our campus, you’ll hear similar stories over and over.

At Crestwood Manor, we offer you a variety of opportunities to connect with your neighbors and develop close friendships. If you’d like to make the most of your golden years at a Life Plan Community like Crestwood Manor, below are a few ways you can benefit from friendships in retirement.

Making New Friends in Retirement

  • Exercise Together. Exercise is an important part of your overall health at any stage of life. It helps with things like blood pressure, inflammation and cholesterol levels, and it also gives us confidence and can make us feel happier. If you choose to exercise with others, you’ll be able to develop a much-anticipated routine.

    Whether you have a set goal in mind like dancing at your grandchild’s wedding or just want to join in a water aerobics class, our holistic wellness program — LivWell — can help you address your personal goals through a completely customized program. Through this program, you can reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while enjoying fun with friends.

  • Enjoy a Hobby Together. When you live maintenance-free at Crestwood Manor, you have more time than ever to dedicate to your favorite pastimes or explore new hobbies. Whether you want to do some sketching in our art studio, complete a challenging puzzle or sew a new quilt in our Quilting Center, it’s always more fun with some friendly faces. When you find a senior living community that provides fulfilling opportunities to do what you love with new friends, you can live an enriching life beyond your anticipations.
  • Take a Trip Together. Road trips are where friendships are bonded for life. And at Crestwood Manor, there are no shortage of trips for you and your friends to take. Take a day trip to Atlantic City, explore Long Beach Island or just relax at any of the Whiting wineries.
  • Enjoy a Meal Together. Thanks to the Crestwood Manor dining options, you’ll never have a shortage of meals to share with your new neighbors. All you need to do is walk out your front door and you’re sure to run into someone from the community who is ready to enjoy a delectable dinner or a hot cup of coffee with you. After just a few gatherings at the Bistro or dining hall, you’ll find yourself in the midst of belonging.
  • Make a Toast Together. Some of the most memorable moments from our lives are conversations with friends over a cocktail or glass of wine. At Crestwood Manor, you can continue to celebrate life with some unique twists on the happy hour during different activities each month. Grab a friend and enjoy one of the many social gathering opportunities together.

Enjoy Senior Living Activities with New Friends and Old at Crestwood Manor

There are even more ways to enjoy friendships in retirement at Crestwood Manor. Karen Bokert is one of the many residents taking advantage of all we have to offer. “A lifelong artist, I’m delighted to meet with a small group of serious painters at Crestwood Manor. My husband Ed and I appreciate that there is a dedicated LivWell program here.” She also added, “We’ve recently begun offering a meditation workshop here for residents. I am a certified chair yoga instructor and I’m pleased to have a core group of people attend my weekly chair yoga sessions, something I offer as a gift to the community. We are so delighted with the openness to new ideas we have found at Crestwood Manor and the willingness to have new residents share their talents and interests with everyone.”

Learn more about how our holistic wellness program, LivWell, helps you to find activities that boost your social wellness by contacting our team today. Or, schedule your personalized visit to see for yourself!

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