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From Employee to Senior Living Community Resident

evelyn denbleyker

A Senior Living Metamorphosis Story: From Employee to Resident

Before she retired, Evelyn DenBleyker served as a concierge for 12 years at Crestwood Manor, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Whiting, New Jersey. She loved working with people, so it was the perfect fit for her.

“In fact, it was the best job I ever had,” she added. “The residents would stop by and chat all the time, so I got to know and really care about them. Of course, the staff was great, too.”

A January 2018 article on suggests that employers should treat their employees as customers; the rationale being that when team members are treated in a way that demonstrates the value management has for them, they’re empowered to do the same for the company’s prospects and customers.

In that same spirit, happy employees could also eventually become customers, when and if the opportunity presents itself. For Evelyn, that’s exactly what happened.

Upon retiring from Crestwood, Evelyn moved into an active adult community, where she lived for a while. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the right fit for her, so she started looking around at other senior communities. She visited several, but all of them had the same thing in common: they weren’t Crestwood Manor.

The Perfect CCRC Was Right in Front of Her

Evelyn had been looking for something special in her next retirement community when she realized that it was there the whole time, at her former employer. She explained, “None of them had the feeling of warmth and family that Crestwood Manor did. I knew in my heart that was where I belonged.”

Like the many who search for the perfect CCRC, Evelyn was smart to shop around to compare the amenities and cultures of each one. Evelyn paid attention to the interactions between staff and residents at each one. Were they warm and caring? What about the residents? Did they socialize with each other?

Yes, and yes! Crestwood Manor was – and is – as friendly as she remembered it. “I go to dinner with a group of seven or eight ladies,” she said. “We talk and laugh a lot. I can’t say enough good things about this place. It feels like a big family here and it feels like home.”

Make Yourself at Home at Crestwood Manor

To ensure that residents remain active and social, Crestwood Manor offers LivWell, a senior wellness program that identifies the needs and goals of each new resident through a personal questionnaire. The results are then used to create a customized activity program that promotes engagement on seven different physical and mental levels.

In addition to a high standard of care and amenities, CCRCs like Crestwood Manor have additional services available to residents if their needs change in the future. The senior independent living floor plans come in one and two-bedroom apartment layouts that are perfect for your personal touches.

Luckily, you don’t have to work here for 12 years before you can move into your next new home. To learn more about becoming a resident at Crestwood Manor, we invite you to take a virtual tour and then contact us to schedule your visit.

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