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Crestwood Manor Residents Give Community Top Marks for Engagement

Crestwood Manor

We are thrilled to announce that Crestwood Manor is the recipient of the 2018 Holleran Highest Honors Award, which is given in recognition of “outstanding efforts in providing the highest levels of engagement to your Independent Living residents.” Holleran, a nationally recognized research and consulting firm that specializes in the senior living industry, conducted the survey of Crestwood Manor’s 250 independent living residents.

Extensive research by Holleran finds that resident engagement—the measure of how well a senior living organization fosters and supports successful aging and residents’ investment in themselves, the organization and the community—is the key to success for all involved. Such engagement and investment by residents results in positive outcomes for both the organization and the residents.

Holleran identifies four benchmarks in its measure of resident engagement:

Voice: Do residents have a say in how the community operates? Successful senior living communities are ones that create an environment of respect toward residents by being transparent in decision-making and offering a multitude of ways for residents to provide input and feedback to the community.

Connection: Does the community make it easy for residents to maintain strong social connections on and off campus? A successful senior living community is one that both fosters social support networks and creates an inclusive and accepting environment to enhance social engagement for all residents.

Fulfillment: Are residents encouraged to maintain a sense of purpose and engage with life goals? A successful senior living community is one that reduces barriers so that residents can continue to live the life they want, find ways to meaningfully contribute, and maintain continuity with the life they had prior to coming to a senior living community.

Well-being: Do residents have comprehensive access to health and wellness resources that address physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual health? A successful senior living community is one that provides programs, services, and other means for residents to achieve all aspects of wellbeing.

Various studies have shown these four factors are key in minimizing disease and mortality, reducing risk and accidents, slowing cognitive and physical impairment, and increasing overall life satisfaction.

With over 96.8 percent of residents responding, Crestwood Manor scored in the 95th percentile and received an overall engagement score of 7 out of 8. The comprehensive survey indicates that the overwhelming majority of residents regard our community as an extraordinarily engaging place to live.

Crestwood Manor scored highest satisfaction ratings for our quality fitness and aquatics programming, the staff’s respect for residents’ privacy, and our quality of spiritual services.

Crestwood Manor’s scores place the community in the top five percent of the Holleran National Benchmark which includes the ratings of more than 1,000 client partners in 43 states and Canada. The survey is conducted biannually as part of Crestwood Manor’s commitment to delivering superior service and care to its residents.

For more information about Crestwood Manor, read our resident testimonials and check out our vibrant living options that offer a fulfilling lifestyle. Or, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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