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5 Pets for Apartments that are Cuddly and Low Maintenance

couple with pet rabbit

When you retire, you will likely downsize to a smaller living space. You may consider a pet for company and have a hard time choosing one that’s fun, cuddly, and low-maintenance.

Knowing your options will help to select the perfect companion. Here are some ideas.

  1. 1. A fine feline

Cats make great companions for older individuals. To begin, these pets usually have less medical issues than dogs. Cats also require little exercise, so you won’t have to worry about going on long walks.

Cats are very self-sufficient, and easy to train with litter boxes. Throughout the day they will find comfortable spots to curl up and sleep. However, they will enjoy cuddling as well. As far as grooming, all you need is a brush. Overall, cats make wonderful apartment animals.

  1. 2. A guinea pig

Out of the mainstream, a great apartment animal for seniors is a guinea pig. This creature is quite gentle, and despite its small size it’s very cuddly, too.

Guinea pigs are simple to handle and to maintain. All you will need is a cage with appropriate space. Few people realize the affection this animal can bring to its owner. It loves to play but will remain very docile. It won’t cost a fortune to maintain, either – you will spend less than $10 for food each month.

  1. 3. A fuzzy bunny

An older adult with limited living space may enjoy a pet rabbit. Although some of these animals are quite large, there are many miniature sizes that are ideal for apartment dwelling. Rabbits make excellent therapy animals. In fact, caregivers have noticed that they calm people with Alzheimer’s.

The biggest upside to a pet rabbit is the quietness. There is never any barking or loud noise to distract fussy neighbors. Just like a cat, it is possible to train this animal to use a litter box. To be sure, a rabbit forms a true bond with its owner. Often, this animal will follow its owner around the house and will come when called.

  1. 4. A chihuahua pup

This type of dog makes an excellent pet for a senior citizen. While most bigger dogs require a lot of exercise and work, chihuahuas don’t take up much space and don’t need to be walked often.

A chihuahua is quite sociable and quickly becomes close to its owner. It is known to crawl on the lap of its owner and fall asleep. Under certain circumstances, this dog may become anxious. However, the more sedentary lifestyle of some seniors can be ideal for calming it down.

  1. 5. A ferret

A ferret may not be the obvious choice for a pet, but it can be quite friendly and cuddly. This animal will offer affection, but it must be supervised. It is known to be a bit mischievous and may try to escape from its enclosure. However, when it gets tired, it will return to its owner for a cuddle.

Commonly, it sleeps most of the day away. When a senior gives a pet ferret attention, the creature will become very attached and will build a long bond. Don’t be fooled. A ferret has high intelligence, and can even be trained to use a litter box.

The above animal choices are small, cuddly, and low maintenance. In this manner, they are perfect for tighter apartment spaces. If you are an elderly person who lives alone, it makes sense to have a cute and affectionate companion that gives your world some brightness. When you make a selection that best suits your needs, you are sure to receive a partner that delivers unconditional love.

At Crestwood Manor’s Life Plan Community in Whiting, NJ, pets are part of our families. We accept well-behaved domestic pets. Please contact one of our team members for the details.

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