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25 “Remember When” Trivia Questions for Seniors

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If you are a senior, you have memories that modern teenagers and young adults cannot even imagine.

Looking up numbers in phone books and calling a local number for the temperature are experiences today’s kids will never have. Do you remember when milk was delivered by a milkman? Did you have to ask nosy neighbors to get off a party line? Do you remember when people actually ironed their clothes?

To see how much you remember, test yourself with the following 25 trivia questions.

  1. 1. In 1960, someone used a U-2 plane for spying and was imprisoned by Russia. Who did it?

Gary Powers was imprisoned for his spying activities.

  1. 2. What was the name of the first novel that was ever written using a typewriter?

“Tom Sawyer” was written by Mark Twain, and it was the first book to be written on a typewriter.

  1. 3. What do fire escapes, laser printers, bulletproof vests and windshield wipers have in common?

They were all invented by women.

  1. 4. Each day, Hasbro prints more money for Monopoly than the United States Treasury prints for the entire country. Is this true or false?

Believe it or not, this amazing fact is entirely true.

  1. 5. Who created the miniskirt in 1964?

A British designer named Mary Quant eventually became famous for inventing the miniskirt in 1964.

  1. 6. During the 1950s, Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were famous for wearing a certain kind of hat. What was it?

Both men were known for wearing coonskin hats.

  1. 7. True or false? When Hershey Kisses first came out in 1907, they did not have an inner strip. This was added in 1921 to distinguish Hershey Kisses from their competition.

This is entirely true. Until 1921, Hershey Kisses came wrapped in foil only. The little plumes eventually became one of the most iconic aspects of Hershey Kisses.

  1. 8. In 1963, the United States Postal Service added something to every address in the United States. What was it?

During 1963, every household was attached to a ZIP code for the first time.

  1. 9. Bob Dylan said you should not trust people over a certain age. What age was that?

He said to never trust anyone over the age of 30.

  1. 10. In 1957, Russia launched the world’s first satellite into orbit. What was it called?

This iconic satellite was named Sputnik.

  1. 11. From 1948 to 1971, a popular variety show was a hit on television. It remained on the air for more than two decades. Who hosted this show?

This popular show was hosted by Ed Sullivan.

  1. 12. What disease did Dr. Jonas Salk create a vaccine for in 1952?

In 1952, the polio vaccine was created.

  1. 13. Which woman became famous for making a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean?

Amelia Earhart was a famed pilot and adventurer.

  1. 14. What was the name of the assassin who was killed by Jack Ruby?

Lee Harvey Oswald is famous for killing John F. Kennedy. Later, Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby.

  1. 15. In 1955, a woman refused to give up her seat on a bus in Alabama. What was her name?

Her name was Rosa Parks.

  1. 16. When did Hawaii become a state?

Although it became a territory in 1898, Hawaii did not become a state until 1959.

  1. 17. Which 1960s artist developed a reputation for stylized Campbell soup cans?

Andy Warhol was known for his colorful renditions of everyday items.

  1. 18. What were the Three Stooges’ names?

The names of the Three Stooges are Moe, Larry and Curly.

  1. 19. Which actress married Joe DiMaggio in 1954?

The lovely Marilyn Monroe was married to DiMaggio for a short period of time.

  1. 20. Cassius Clay was a legendary boxer. What name did he eventually go by?

Muhammad Ali was originally named Cassius Clay, but he changed his name later in life.

  1. 21. Who was the first African-American man to serve on the Supreme Court?

Thurgood Marshall was named to the Supreme Court in 1967.

  1. 22. The Vietnam War technically lasted from 1955 to 1975. Can you name all of the presidents involved?

Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon led during different stages of the Vietnam War.

  1. 23. What year did Disneyland open?

Disneyland initially opened in 1955.

  1. 24. What was a passion pit in the 1950s?

This was the slang term for a drive-in movie theater.

  1. 25. In 1953, a famous explorer became the first person to climb Mount Everest. Who was it?

Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. He was accompanied by a Tibetan mountaineer named Tenzing Norgay.

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