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Crestwood Manor Receives the 2024 Holleran Choice Community Resident Engagement Award

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Crestwood Manor has received the Holleran Choice Community Award given in recognition of their admirable engagement scores that placed them at the top of the Holleran National Benchmark of Life Plan Communities across the nation. Holleran is the premier research and consulting organization that specializes in offering resident engagement benchmarks to senior living communities across the nation.

“To earn the Choice Community Award distinction confirms that Crestwood Manor is one of the most engaged senior living communities across the nation,” said Springpoint Executive Director Anne Hay. “It reflects our commitment to delivering superior service and care to our residents. We are most proud of this achievement.”

Holleran surveyed 196 of Crestwood Manor’s Independent Living residents. With over 99.5% percent of residents responding, Crestwood Manor scored in the 85th percentile for Connection—with high rates for having a welcoming environment that encourages social interaction where residents can be as socially active as they want and have a sense of belonging. The results of this comprehensive survey indicate that the overwhelming majority of Crestwood Manor residents regard the community as an extraordinarily engaging place to live.

In a statement about the Choice Community Award designation on their website, Holleran President Christine Fares Walley said, “These communities boast strong cultures of employee and resident engagement where employees feel their workplaces honor them, and residents feel they are supported in their successful aging.”

Extensive research by Holleran finds that resident engagement—the measure of how well a senior living organization fosters and supports successful aging and residents’ investment in themselves, the organization, and the community—is the key to success for all involved.

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