Move Ahead Makes Moving Easier

Moving to Crestwood Manor is easier than you think. Our Move Ahead program offers a variety of services to simplify the process and guide you along the way. These services include:

  • Home Staging: We will work with your realtor to evaluate your home and recommend ways to stage it for better sales appeal, including recommendations if small repairs or upgrades are needed.
  • Downsizing Services: Our Certified Downsizers can provide assistance in designing a floor plan for your new home, sorting your items and decluttering your belongings, selling or donating old items, packing and more.
  • Organizing Your Move: Our priority is to work with you to make your move as smooth as possible. Our Move-In Coordinator will provide recommendations for movers, downsizers, auctioneers, home stagers and more. We also oversee the preparation of your new home in our community, so you can concentrate on getting your existing home ready for sale.

Move Ahead Helps Remove Financial Barriers

We offer entrance fee funding options which allow you to move when you are ready, so you don’t have to wait for the right buyer to purchase your home or to liquidate your assets. We even help pay for your move; we’ll cover up to $2,500 of approved moving expenses.

Move Ahead Today

If the logistical hassles have been the big obstacle to moving to a better lifestyle for you, find out more about our Move Ahead program. Get started with a complimentary home visit and we’ll bring a copy of our Springpoint Senior Living Guide to Downsizing. Call us today to schedule an appointment.