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Three Generations of Care at Crestwood Manor

Three Generations of Care at Crestwood Manor: Kristen Jackson, Elenor Laskowski, Arlene Black (from left to right)

When it comes to Springpoint “family,” Elenor Laskowski, Arlene Black, and Kristen Jackson truly know the meaning. These three women, all related to each other maternally, currently work together as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aides at the Crestwood Manor Life Plan Community located in Whiting, NJ. This mother/daughter/granddaughter trio were all born and raised in the Toms River/Bayville area and have been contributing important health care services to the entire Crestwood Manor community for generations.

Elenor Laskowski is a spry 74-year-old who has held a variety of jobs, eventually finding her calling in the healthcare sector. She previously worked at Redeemer Health in Philadelphia and at Tallwoods Care Center in Bayville before joining the Crestwood team as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Health Care Center.

Arlene Black, Elenor’s daughter, started her healthcare journey back in 1982. She worked in Crestwood’s Health Care Center from 2008-2011 and returned in 2021 to work in ESP and Personal Care. Arlene’s daughter, Kirsten, took up the mantle and continued in the family tradition.  Kristen also works at Crestwood Manor as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Finally, Kristen Jackson, the granddaughter of Elenor and daughter of Arlene, has worked in the healthcare sector since the age of 16. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, she worked at Tallwoods Care Center before joining Crestwood Manor. She has been at Crestwood Manor for 13 years and works the day shift in the Health Care Center. Although she took courses to become a registered nurse, she found that being a CNA provides a more personal relationship with patients.

Amazing enough, this maternal trio are hugely influenced and inspired by the family’s 98-year-old matriarch [Elenor’s mother], who still lives at home. This amazing family of talented women have provided exemplary service and dedication to the Crestwood Manor community for three generations. The Crestwood Manor community is fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate group of women to consider family of their own!

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